by Lorraine MannersLorraine Manners

“Intuitive” is an adjective, so you may be wondering why I use it as a noun and label myself “Intuitive”. After all, everyone on the planet is intuitive to some extent so choosing this word to define myself may seem odd. You may be thinking, “Why not use Psychic, Medium or Clairvoyant as a title instead? Isn’t that what most people in your field use?” It’s true; many practitioners in this field do use these titles. Here is why I use Intuitive.

Psychic is a term first introduced into the English language in 1870 by Edward William Cox (thank you Wikipedia!). Since it is a relatively new word in our language, people first used it to cover a number of energetic abilities. More often than not, the word psychic relates to people who read someone’s energy field to answer questions about the person’s current or future state. This is where the phrase “get a reading/have a reading done” comes from. I do not read my clients’ energy. Rather, I connect with Spirit to pass on messages from that realm to my clients. I am simply the messenger to whatever Spirit wants to share with my clients during our sessions. Even when I conduct a Chakra Balance (balancing your 7 major energy fields), I am not reading your energy. I connect with my guide and he shows me the state of your energy fields and together we cleanse and balance your fields. I am simply the conduit.

Most of us associate the term Medium with someone who channels people who have passed on – usually loved ones – to pass on messages from them. Who hasn’t heard of the Long Island Medium? Some Mediums use a method called Trance Mediumship: they have the spirit of their client’s loved one enter their own body [medium’s, not the client’s ;)] and speak in the loved one’s voice and use their gestures. Straight Mediumship is one aspect of my gift, however, it is not the only ability I have so I decided this term didn’t quite fit.

A Clairvoyant is someone who has the ability to see images or visions about a client’s past, present and/or future, whether by reading his or her energy or by channeling Spirit. When I channel Spirit, I do receive messages in images and pictures, so I am clairvoyant. However, I also receive messages through my other senses. I also hear messages, so I am clairaudient, feel physical sensations, making me clairsentient and receive smells, making me clairalient. Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairalient is rather a mouthful and C4 didn’t seem like an appropriate handle. J

I chose Intuitive as how I was initially trained was through developing my intuition and it is a term that can cover a lot of abilities. It is also a term that is relatable to most people. Everyone has moments where his or her intuition kicks in. Think about it. Haven’t you had a time when a former colleague or distant relative suddenly pops into your mind out of nowhere and then a few days later you hear from that person? Or what about when you are struggling with a decision, and suddenly the answer appears on someone’s bumper sticker or the song on the radio just as you are wrestling with it. You chalk it up to coincidence but it’s really Spirit giving you knowledge through your intuition. Take a moment right now and think about a time when something like this has happened to you.

Finally, I find a lot of people recently are talking about using their intuition or being intuitive. Have you noticed this? I even read a quote recently from Prince Charles saying “I have tried never to force a plan or design, but to wait for an ‘intuitive’ idea to form itself when the time is right.” (Extracted from Highgrove: A Garden Celebrated by HRH The Prince of Wales and Bunny Guinness). It fits with our times.