with Lorraine Manners

It’s the time of year when you turn your mind to spring-cleaning. You start thinking about clearing out your closets, cupboards and drawers of unwanted items and junk.

Did you ever think about clearing out your own energy?

We all carry around energy. Like everything else in life it piles up and becomes ill-fitting and unsuited to our overall well-being.

Why You Should

Your 7 Chakras are your body’s major energy centres and govern important aspects of your physical, mental, emotional and energetic health. Balanced Chakras mean you function optimally: feeling healthy, centred, energized and peaceful.

Chakras in Brief

Crown: Connection to the larger universe outside yourself. Sustains your spiritual well being. Located on the crown of your head and either violet or white in colour.

Third Eye: Centre of Intuition. Sustains your connection to your higher self. Located between your brows and indigo in colour.

Throat: Centre of Self expression. Sustains communication. Located in the centre of your throat and light blue in colour.

Heart: Centre of Love. Sustains your emotional health and connection to others. Located in the centre of your chest and bright green in colour.

Solar Plexus: Centre of Drive, Assertiveness and Creativity. Sustains movement on your life’s path. Located in your solar plexus and bright yellow in colour.

Sacral: Centre of Pleasure, Desire, Happiness. Sustains your sexual and emotional health. Located just under your belly button and bright orange in colour.

Root: Centre of Security, Stability, Safety. Sustains your sense of self, confidence and connection to the earth. Located at the end of your spine and bright red in colour.

These Chakras don’t act in isolation but work as a system so when one or more is out of balance, it affects the whole system.


4 Tools to Clean Out and Balance Your Energy

 First, think about what area(s) of your life feel out of sorts. Then, identify the Chakra or Chakras that correspond to those areas.


Each Chakra has a mediation word associated with it. Find the appropriate word (below) associated with the Chakra you want to work on. Find a quiet space, sit or lay down, close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Then imagine the Chakra (location and colour) and repeat the mediation word to yourself, silently, over and over for a few minutes. Do this until you feel the Chakra is back in balance.

(Root – Lam. Sacral – Vam. Solar Plexus – Ram. Heart – Yam. Throat – Ham. Third Eye – Sham. Crown – Aum/Om)


Focus on the Chakra (location and colour) you want to work on. Close your eyes. Imagine sending a bright white light into the Chakra that is cleansing and balancing your Chakra. Do this for a few minutes until you feel the Chakra is back in balance.


Rub your hands together and then hold your hands apart, palms facing each other. You will feel energy between your palms. Take one of your hands and place it in front of the Chakra you want to work on. Adjust the distance based on where you feel the edge of the energy. As you hold your hand in front of the Chakra, visualize the energy flowing into it, cleansing it and restoring balance. You can close your eyes while you do this. Do this for a few minutes until you feel the Chakra is back in balance.


In a circular motion, massage the Chakra you want to work on. Do this for a few minutes until you feel the Chakra is back in balance. For your Root Chakra, you can stand up and stamp your feet to re-establish the balance within this energy centre and to re-ground yourself to the earth.

Any of these tools can also be used in combination with each other.

Good Luck!


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