Lorraine is an Intuitive practitioner at Innate Wellness who channels Spirit to offer insight, guidance and clarity to her clients on their journey as well as to restore their energetic balance. She practices at Innate Wellness High Park on one special Monday per month. Her clients love the insight they receive through her sessions so book ahead!

Lorraine Manners, Intuitive

Lorraine Manners, Intuitive

Q1: Many clients visit you for insight and wisdom. How does your process work and what can I expect? 

My process is a simple one. I start with an intention for each client for the highest truth, love and wisdom to come through. Then I connect with my Spirit Guide, Stephen, and he will begin to pass messages through me. The messages are passed in the form of words, images and physical sensations. I relay everything that is given.

Every Channeling and Chakra Balance session is unique to the individual, however, every client can expect that they will receive information specifically for him/her that will provide insight to help move them forward in his/her life.

To use a metaphor, our lives are like a gigantic puzzle that is under construction.

A Channeling session provides a piece of this puzzle that is additive to the whole and helps you move forward. The message could be about one of your guides, it could be about a current career/relationship/health challenge you have, it could be about a past life, it could be about something that happened to you in the past or something that is going to occur for you.

A Chakra Balance session restores your Chakras (7 major energy centres) back to balance and also provides messages about why the imbalance occurred and how you can move forward from it. It can leave you feeling calm, peaceful, or with a renewed sense of energy and vigour.

Both types of sessions will provide you with more information about yourself and therefore a greater understanding of yourself.

 Q2: This might sound like a simple question. But what is love and why is it so important?  

This is a big question! There are so many different types of love. I think the most important type of love there is though, is love for yourself. Self-love is about accepting that you are perfect as you are. That you were created as a perfect being and that you don’t need to change who you are in any fundamental way. It is important because if you can love yourself, with all your strengths, faults and foibles, you will have a strong faith in yourself. You will believe that you are worthy of all the positive things in life that you want. And you will attract them to you. And a strong self-love will also minimize the noise external to you that you have to be X, Y or Z to be lovable.

 Q3: Some people say that love is the best path to choose in life but I often find my heart feels closed. How can I open my heart to love?

Love is definitely the best path to choose. It’s not always the easiest path though. Everyone has been hurt before whether by a family member, friend or lover. To protect ourselves from hurt, it seems easier to hold back, to close off our hearts.

What is crucial to remember is that what you give out is what you receive. So in order to receive love, you need to give love. Opening your heart means sending out love to people in your life. Even when it is difficult. Sending out love is offering acceptance, caring, compassion, affection, appreciation, romance, forgiveness – whatever the situation calls for. By doing this you open your heart to receive the same.

 Q4: How does love affect my physical health? Are there any special ways I can love my heart more? 

Love is energy. Energy plays a huge role in our physical health. Most illnesses arise from energy blockages or negative energy. For example, we know negative and repressed emotions such as anger, hate, and stress can cause cancer, heart disease, depression, or anxiety.

You can love your heart more by being conscious of the energy you put into it as well as the energy you are holding on to. How?

Surround yourself with positive people and things. Don’t give time or attention to those who only offer you negative energy. Don’t watch a movie or the news or read a book that horrifies or upsets you in any way. You do take this energy on if you invite it in. And it will affect your health.

Look at what grudges or upsets or anger you might be holding on to and forgive the person who caused them, especially if it is yourself! Tell yourself and/or this person “I forgive you. I let this go.” in your head. Offer the offender love instead. The negative energy will be released. (This will take time and repetition – keep at it!)

Meditate on your Heart Chakra. Meditation has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, lower blood pressure and reduce pain. It increases empathy, compassion and positive emotions. When you meditate on your Heart Chakra – the energy centre of Love – you increase the energy within it and release the blocks that are there. This Chakra resides in the middle of your chest and is bright green in colour when in balance. Sit with your eyes closed. Bring your attention to this part of your body. Imagine a bright green round circle. Repeat the Heart mantra “Yam” over and over to yourself (silently or out loud). You are loving your heart, opening it to love and releasing energy you don’t need.